Monday, September 13, 2010

Sky James to lecture at OpenUp in Seattle!

Ok, so I'm more helping my good friend Adam with a fantastic idea he has to save the world. And IIIII Helped!

We'll be talking at the OpenUp monthly lecture series and I drew (well, I'll be drawing) some goofy cartoons to get cheep laughs. Yep, Adam brings leadership and a driving spirt to do good in the world and I draw stick-figures and make monkey sounds. Ah the wonder of open source networking.

So, you can find out where it's all going down and when at the OpenUp site. Its in North Seattle and don't feel too bad if you can't make it, cause it will be posted on line in the coming week. So come on by and have some food / drink and talk with some of the smartest people around...and me.

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