Friday, September 17, 2010

Virtuoso can be a real thing...

My good friend Jon is writing a comic and it's outstanding. What he is doing is unlike anything in comics right now. He has a kickstart going right now and could use some green to help it make the scene. Know what I mean? Here's a message from Jon himself.

Hello all--

Two weeks ago I started a Kickstarter project to get Virtuoso's second book (called, ironically, Book One) out. By raising 2,900 dollars, I'd be able to reprint the first book, pay Krista Brennan to draw the second issue, and launch the Virtuoso Compendium, a wiki that will let readers create the setting's history on their own.

Some of you know this. Some of you have been enormously helpful. Jake von Slatt, Noah of Improbable Cog, Thom and Lyssa of Lastwear, and Bergan of Little Red Studio have all donated time, attention, and products to make Virtuoso a comic with one foot in the imaginary and another in the real.

Many great things have come from this. I've given a speech about CC licensed world-building at Open Up, and I'll be teaching a class on indie comic creation at the Little Red Studio.

Virtuoso needs more. As of today, we are only at 27% of our required funds. We are down to the wire here. Virtuoso needs this money to continue-- without this money, Krista can't eat and I can't print books.

Every single one of you has an amazing ability to reach other people. Either by twitter, or Facebook, or blogs, you all have thousands of combined followers. I'm not asking for much more-- a link on a blog (to those who haven't already), a reminder to your Twitter followers that you supported us, or a quick email dashed off to a mailing list to point people in our direction. I just need a few more minutes of your time.

Thank you, and take care.

Jon Munger

Go and help these creative people out by making a donation and getting the word out. Good karma comes around.

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