Thursday, September 9, 2010

We're Back! For the First Time!

So, I finaly broke down and desided to get more connected to the interwebs. Everyone else was doing it and I wanted people to read about my exciting adventures of going to QFC to buy chips and so on, so I went out to get a blog.

Turns out, I already had one! I don't even remember getting this!

Oh well. Guess it's time to make some post and let all of the people who have been setting in front of there computers, just waiting for something to come up on the sky james art blog, I mean just waiting for something. Anything. For like, years probably. Telling there loved ones, "Sorry hon. I can't work on our relationship right now. I got to wait for sky james to post something to his blog. This is important. It means something. Hon? You there? Baby?" But she's not. She's been gone a long time.

Guess it's time to give that something they've been craving. Ok, here you go.

So I the other day I went down to QFC to get these chips that I heard where on sale...

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